57% Increase in Employee Productivity
Increase in Employee Productivity6,12
68% Increase in Employee Engagement
Increase in Employee Engagement6,12

•  Up to 78% increase in employee satisfaction6,12
•  Up to 70% increase in employee loyalty6,12
•  Up to 68% increase in employee engagement6,12
•  Up to 57% increase in employee productivity6,12

Financially Fit Employees™ (FFE™) makes it easy for companies to enroll a set number of “seats” for FFE™ service. The “seats” offer employees access to FFE™ services. Companies can easily move individual employees in and out of enrollment “seats”, based on company needs. Also, FFE™ understands the need for ROI data and offers companies quarterly aggregated performance reports. Companies stay up to date with aggregated employee engagement and productivity metrics, as well as aggregated employee financial wellness metrics.